Unique and hand made, triple connnected bangle range of jewellery.

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Connected Triple Bangles

This set of 3 connected bangles are made with a 2mm round wire, 3mm round wire and a 6mm x 3mm D shape wire.

You can always choose a flat version of the triple connected bangle, it has a 2mm round wire, a 3mm round wire and a 6mm x 2mm flat wire.

A choice of polished, matt and oxidised finishes is available, or a mixture of all 3.

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Price £135

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© Triple Connected Bangles Range
connected triple bangle
connected triple bangle
connected triple bangle

The bangles can be made to order in any size, use this as an approx (UK dress) guide:

19cm = size 8, very small

20cm = size 10/12 , small

21cm = 12/14, medium

22cm = 14/16/18, medium

23cm = size 18 and above, large

flat connected bangle
flat connected bangle

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